What would you?

What would you do if you woke up one day and felt different, you now has the promethean flame curse, the power to change the world, now immortal in every single way (since Magic isnt a thing irl, lol) what would you do with your life? With earth, not only humanity, but life as a whole



Hmmm cookies

Wipe out the gravy

Cause chaos in the background as the feds are powerless and utterly confused.

magician would be cool

Hop on AO


I’d do what any logical person would do and flaunt about it online

I’d go back to sleep

i would start a religion about our savior neviro

I’d use the Promethean Flame Curse for selfish desires tbh

Sell white, eternal fire to the public. It’d be a pretty non “crush governments and burn society” way to live so I could be in peace while making bank.

I’d obviously alter the fire’s properties but it’d depend on the buyer so for example power companies would have contracts for actual eternal fire while your average joe would probably just have a cool light source that might be cheaper


Guess I’m running a Savant build now.

Realistically, if I woke up to having the Promethean Flame curse, there’d be nobody wanting to be around me, which is what I keep trying to get (because I’m not a people person). After I figure out how to not kill somebody, I’d probably learn how to fly using the Curse. Given that Curses = Immortality and other Magic = Nonexistent, I’m completely unstoppable, so I can try as much as I want.

Start commiting “uncommitable” crimes

be a conjurer

forget i have the curse tomorrow and then never use it ever

I would stop teaching people swimming at my local pool

i would be right by your side

obliterate those that drive badly so the roads may be safe

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wear no coat when it’s freezing (just set myself ablaze to heat back up)