What would've technically happen to the other islands (AO) after Durza's explosion

When Durza died in the lore it stated that the effects were felt everywhere as tsunamis, earthquakes, and intense weather was launched in Y1854.
And Arcane Odyssey started in the Year 1854 in a different region so what would’ve technically happened to that region or something.
Would it be like the disasters such as blizzards or the big waves that were implemented into Arcane Odyssey or some type of massive change of AO which lead to some books being made by “people” in AO?

This seems pretty useless but seems fine to ask.

prolly just more intense weather
i dont think durza’s explosion would reach and destroy islands in the war seas since theyre on the other side of the planet

This could be a reason why the weather in the dark seas contains magic.

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