What's a good build for magma

Saw people doing this sort of thing, thought i might as well join in
What’s a good build for magma?
My current build is a keen casting speed amulet, a power amulet, a defense amulet, hard wizard pants, and I plan on getting a strong wizard robe, but I use a mino chestpiece because it’s the only thing I have ._.

Honestly man, just do the good ol
hard wiz set
hard power amulet [ Poor and dull ]
hard dull defense amulet

What he said ^

guys guys… its just teh same build ^ what he said you can swap out the poor amulet for a magic casting speed but idk probably wont save you till like level 200 amulets where the stats will be enough for you to use 20 blasts like a 2 blast but till then just stick to this till like theres a new meta or something

in other words what he said^ or until the meta changes

I’m currently trying to get a hybrid set. A tank would also be good, but I use beams a lot, so I’m going hybrid.

I guess the Hybrid set until the other enchants have items that can increase speed a noticeable difference, I think if you go full magic speed or keen it is 5 or less percent which isn’t that much