Whats good about GPO?

I might get it soon, but I do want ratings and stuff
Edit: Grand Piece Online

Aight, I’ve been playing GPO alot lately, and I’ll just give you the good stuff and the bad stuff about the game.

Good Stuff:

  • The game is very fun
  • You can get alot of cool fruits and abilities
  • It’s pretty fun to play with friends

Bad Stuff

  • Obtaining fruits is hard earlygame
  • Levelling is pretty hard earlygame

Rouge lineage be like

It’s nothing like rogue, except infinite combos exist.

Nah inf combos were removed in update 3 some weeks ago

It’s basically just Rogue mixed with Steve’s One Piece but without permadeath.

The only thing that would really entice me to buy it would probably be the GFX
and my god that GFX looks godlike


  • pvp is fun


  • grinding for boss drops (unless you’re into that)

I’m actually planning on getting it myself
but only after Gomu comes out

Getting a logia+

Getting not a legendary

What’s GPO

Demon Step, Magu + Cane still has an inf combo.



could u send me a clip/vid of it?

special effects

As a guy Who has a entire group of friends that played the game, got logias and maxed level, i wanna say one thing-

Don’t buy it unless you wanna experience hot pain and anger

Good :
(Unless you have friends)
Bad : Suke Simulator

As a pro gamer said:

Man, I wish I could try this new grand piece game, it seemed pretty cool, too bad it’s not released yet though.
Meanwhile, I’ll go play Suke piece

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One piece good anime but gpo is a toxic game ngl