Whats stats should I use for my Beserker Build?

My fighting Style is boxing and cannon fist, And im wonderring what should be the armor I rock be.

idk attack speed and power ig

looks at savant file
i also have boxing and canon fist

okay but alright i’ll answer your question
besides the normal ones (power and defense) i recommend armor piercing (literally because boxing and cfist has low ‘base’ dmg) and regen (you close range you prob gonna take alotta dmg)

dont forget a pinch of intensity, they increase canon fist range (and maybe increase knockback? i dont know), no need to invest into attack size all that much (cfist has surprisingly big explosion radius for 1 small ball, not hitbox radius)

as for jewel substats…
youre not going to need attack destruction (cfist has plenty, you can 3-tap most trees and the othrys spikes)
you are going to need knockback (if you use boxing for the knockback mechanic, that is)

Since you are using boxing, have at LEAST a decent amount of defense and power, invest into agility and attack speed, they both work well with boxing, and possibly even resistance, though that would spread out your stats too much