What's stopping Vetex from adding beast instinct to literally every melee weapon?

Dagger- No reason not to it’s meant for fast attacks anyways

Sword- U can be fast with it + Argos did it

Dual Bladed- It would be so cool

Heavy bladed- U could make it slower and larger with more damage along with fewer hits

Katana- Literally watch anime

Heavy Cleaver- GUTS

Claws- :sob:

Thrusting- Rapier weapons are meant to be fast and fencing is based on quick footwork

Axe- See heavy bladed + give this thing more love

Blunt/Heavy Blunt- I wanna bonk everything within my vicinity

Polearm- Gives Neviro some love

Staff- Smack everything into oblivion

Colossal Cleaver- Literally Guts V2

Colossal Thrusting- Just normal thrusting beast instinct but slower also :skull: (At the time I didn’t realize it already had it)

Can’t forget bonus, Pistols- It’d be really funny but probably not possible to slash everything around u with a pistol

(Didn’t include shield cuz yeah)

Conclusion- Vetex I suggest you add beast instinct into every melee weapon and in exchange we get to spin around like Beyblade characters, and beast instinct gets more love.

This was from my wiki post btw someone told me to post it here

Tldr; I just wanna be a beyblade with literally every melee weapon plus the move is so cool anyways

animations making sense is the reason he gave for things like this

i get the bladed weapons getting beast instinct but blunt and pistols makes ZERO sense

It’s meant to be funny but I could see what you mean, just a constant pistol whip it was meant to be more of a joke if anything

true but you know what vetex is like when it comes to realism and lore implications

plus there was issues with animations and stuff not being compatible with many skills which is why its so limited

At best I’m hoping he gives it to at least bladed weapons such as knives swords dual bladed (animation matches) katanas etc then we’re good

this is probably insane but what if beast instinct for guns is like ultrakill’s coin system

the player throws a bunch of galleons in the air and fires multiple bullets for the ammunition to rapidly bounce off of the coins in the air to other coins and so on so forth, recreating that beast instinct type look.

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that sounds amazing but i dont think vetex has the budget for an animation that sick

that would be so sick, but where would the player go, do they still teleport all around?

they sit in the middle and look cool as the bullets zip around them (for consistency’s sake)

(or they do that thing with high agility/carina where they temporarily disappear and then reappear after the move)

I hope Carina’s down slam attack becomes a fighting technique the player can obtain or something

the teleport one? i doubt it, its basically a guaranteed hit and that’d be op

Well it could be modified to where you have to aim the attack and plus it’d be really obvious

what’s stopping vetex from permanently muting you in the forus to literally every topic…

Or even better reaper from overwatch’s ultimate, I played overwatch once but believe that move would be a cool dual flintlock explosion type attack lol

Sorry I’m pretty new here and wanted to make a post, did I do something wrong?

I feel like that’d be a unique dual pistols type move instead, but nice idea

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Tbh yeah I just think it’d be a co skill to have lol, need more dual flintlock skills lol

amazing idea for gun skill