What's the best magic to use?

What’s the best magic with good stats such as damage, etc?

Take a look here.

There is no “best” magic. They all are balanced in their own ways.

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Current meta is poison with full damage but that’s gonna be hard nerfed next update. But all the magics are around the same stats so pick what you want.

Oh, well I only wanted to know which magic makes most damage.

The best magic for purely damage is Gold Magic, but I wouldn’t recommend you using that unless you were using a freeze build, as it’s very slow (the slowest magic in the game).

Plasma/Fire are the best magics IMO.

By best, I mean easiest to use.

Poison is not meta lmfao. Fun fact, a fire/plasma user can invert the poison damage to their own. Poison is easily counterable by heat based magics and players who aren’t dumb enough to stay in the clouds

I mean you’re not wrong.