Whats the best stat split for a savant (no vitality)

Like for example: 40% magic, 20% weapons, 40% strength

Which combo do you think would be the best?

depends ig

40 magic/ 40 strength/ 20 weap

Due to the recent changes, a balance of stats is kinda powerful, especially with the versatile range of moves you get.

60/20/20 would be possible, right?

25/25/25/25 if im going split stats im going all in

Actually kinda true youre only losing like 14 points in each with 33/33/34

Maybe? Im not sure if 60 is enough to make it a full build or not

It’s not, it requires 61+

A savant with 60 in magic could, at release, have more spells unlocked on their second magic than both a mage and a magic hybrid, since their requirement only increases by 50

wouldn’t that completely defeat the purpose of a pure build?

not at later levels

However, a 60% magic savant will always be slightly better at magic than a 60% magic hybrid

33% all around extra point in vit cause why not.

That’s a 2 stat hybrid

Inferno tested this, it is a pure build

I’m confused doesn’t vitality make it a savant?

It does but it’s more boring compared to without vitality until Spirit Weapons come

Obviously never ever invest too much into health and only invest into the other stats

I wonder how good 33 33 33 would be?

The best I can think of is 90 Magic, 90 Strength, and 70 Weapons.

2nd magic awakening, 140 magic (cant do 150 cus that would make u MAGE so no savant with aura, 140 is enough to get beam on ur 2nd magic tho)…
50 weapons (you will be using old weapons but atleast have all their skills)
60 strength (unlocks crash and smash)

this ends up being 56% magic, 20% weapons 24% strength