What's the language you find in some secret areas?

You find that secret language if symbols around the map sometimes. What is it? Such as that statue of the dude with the giant axe on mount sea watch.

well some people already decoded it
but they didnt leak it

so rn its gibberish for us

It’s the “ancient language”, it’s just english with different symbols which makes it possible to decode
Lore wise that language is extremely old, it’s only found on ruins that were risen from the sea like 1000 years ago, and that’s not even including the time they spent underwater before that

Is there anyway to decode it? Did they leave any hints or is just suffer in the dark. Do we just have to go on one of those sites that tell you the the word it could be based on the number of characters or?

its just english with different letters, meaning you can translate it relatively easily if you try
publically leaking the language is against the rules granted you can ask someone who does know for the translation/hints

it’s the ancient language, some people have decoded it as far as i remember

I was able to decode it pretty easily on my own.
Not going to leak it because it’s against the rules, but here are some pretty significant tips:

  1. By far the most frequently used words you will see in any body of text are articles and pronouns. The is especially popular, as are a, an, and of. When reading a monument, you’ll rarely find any pronouns that aren’t third person pronouns, so he, she, it, they should also be on your radar. This also means that any one letter words you find have to be A (or o, but this is a monument so not likely).

    The word that set me on my way was the, though.

  2. The language, conveniently enough, uses spaces. This makes the job way easier than it could have been, so using my first point is even easier. Just find any three letter words and assume that they are the, then assign the three symbols to those three letters, using the letters you found to decipher more words. If it doesn’t make sense, assume that word is some other popular three-letter word and keep going like that.

  3. The longer words are most likely names. If you aren’t familiar with the lore or of common fiction naming conventions (like having -us or -os end a name to make it more Latin-sounding), then just do those last after having gotten enough information form the other words.

  4. Most English words have a vowel letter in them at least once, and only permit specific letters coming close to each other in certain places (pk rarely ever appears at the beginning of a word as do bd and tp, i doesn’t very frequently end a word, et cetera). If a letter potentially violates those rules, it’s likely wrong.

These two pictures along with a picture of a magic circle in-game were all I needed to do the work:


Either that or just ask someone privately for the key.


That’s a way smarter way of doing it. I just used a substitution solver website.

I just can’t figure this out. Is there anybody who you know whos willing to leak it to me in a private dm or anything?

i think if you’re looking for it privately you should PM someone, might be more effective

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wait how

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