What's the most annoying Global Message?

Other than the simping ones.

Personally, I have a vendetta against anyone who advertises their own game in AO, especially if they did it at release. Just the thought of it feels so slimy.

One of those who did so also continues to advertise both it and his own clan. I used to play his game until he used the global messages, so it backfired on at least one person out there.

anyone asking to join discord.gg/fuckoff

I vividly remember some group messages savoring the smell of Argos, which cracked me up :rofl:. I only get annoyed when someone is messaging me and I have to scroll through/delete all the global messages so I can easily read their message.

when they say “this is my first global message!” or something stupid that wastes time and does nothing else

There was one that constantly kept sending global messages to join their clan. Everyone got sooo annoyed, that theres 10+ global messages in response, either clowning the person sending em, or just enjoying the show lmaooo

90% of global messages are a nuisance

Every global message is annoying, I remember the first couple days after release and the inundation of a billion global messages. Thank god there’s an option to disable their pop-up

i really dislike those
“join my group”
“join my group”
“join my group”
“join my group”
“join my group”
“join my group”
“join my group”

Was that earlier today?
Because holy moly some rose whatever clan gave vetex a minor payday

i hate when people start advertising discord.gg/arcaneodyssey in global messages man

exactly, dont they get that its not going to work?

you sure? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i mean, yeah
1, they can just put the discord invite link of something shady and we would be none the wiser
2, theyre are alot of clans that need players, and if someone wants to join a clan people would be flocking to ask said player

i get that its advertising, and advertising has worked in real life, but it doesnt mean that will apply to ingame

i don’t mean to burst your bubble but my message was advertising my clan’s custom url :sob:


:smiling_imp: truly evil activities

I’m tempted to join the Blood Rose Discord just to tell them to fuck off. Whenever its leader shows up I feel like my inbox has a pipe bomb inside.


I mean… there’s stuff like this. Not necessarily annoying, maybe even a bit funny at times.

(I am neither of these people, but it’s pretty funny that someone said that it was screenshot worthy in the screenshot)

The most annoying messages are the whole ass conversations or arguments; anything that’s a response to something else. They usually come from one stupid global message leading to like 5 random dudes flaming them.