What's the most "rare loot" efficient luck potion cycle during fishing?

luck potion cycles during fishing are: drinking certain luck potions in certain periods of time
example: every 5 golden fish scales accumulated, i craft a luck 2 brew and drink it. the cycle repeats after that.

the goal is: rare items. sunken treasure, sunken element, golden fish, giant fish, etc. in as less time as possible(there’s no time limit really, it’s about what is the “mathematically” fastest cycle at getting rare items, just like someone figured out which rod with which enchantment was faster at getting SPECIFICALLY sunken treasures).

important to note that i’m trying to be as catalyst efficient as possible. i’m not wasting my precious jellyfish flesh on luck 1 brews
here are the luck potion cycles. if you thought of an even more efficient luck potion cycle that’s more efficient than any of this trio, feel free to share it

cycle 1: i fish until i get a golden fish, get it’s scales, brew luck 1 vials and drink them both. if i catch more golden fish during the duration of both luck vials, i take some time to brew another pair of luck 1 vials. if not, i repeat the cycle from the start. on a rare occasion that i somehow stack up 10 golden scales(which will happen insanely rarely because of the passive drain of scales), i craft a luck 3 brew and drink it
simplified: passive drain of golden scales for luck 1 vials, and on a rare occasion: luck 3 brew
cycle 2: i catch 5 golden fish and brew luck 2 brews, which i drink while fishing
cycle 3: i catch 10 golden fish and brew luck 3 brews, which i drink while fishing
cycle BONUS(4): modified version of cycle 1, where i brew luck 2 brews instead of luck 3 brews(would happen significantly more often than cycle 1, but sacrificing +10% of increased rare item dropchance, which could be crucial)

please ask me questions if something is unclear

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if I’m brewing a luck potion I’m using cauldrons for the ludicrous duration.
the individual uses last less time that a golden pearl potion, yea, sure, but 1x duration with 10 total individual uses vs 2 uses of 2x (I think) duration lol.

I’d guess you’re a heat magic mage if jellyfish flesh is precious to you, completely understandable there, but otherwise you should just go down there and violently murder jellyfish for the sake of over double ingredient efficiency from the second best.

you misunderstood the point of the post(writing the following to prevent future, similar answers)

the point of the post was to find the most efficient way of drinking and brewing luck potions during fishing for the purposes of having a good chance of getting rare items in the shortest period of time. the cycles i listed were all theoretical(although i did use cycle 2 for most of my fishing, barely helped), each having their own upsides(cycle 1 having better passive uptime but 10% luck boost, compared to brew cycles 20+% luck boost with 1 hour uptime(which is going to be reduced to ~50 mins if vetex goes through with brews’ potency nerf listen in the balance doc), you get the idea).

what you just told me was how you make luck potions if you get the opportunity to craft them.
can’t exactly blame you though. i have to admit that comprehending “luck potion cycle during fishing” is pretty hard if you’re not a nerd(like me) that wants to minmax everything for the best efficiency

well yea, if you want the best efficiency for luck potions, you use cauldrons, nothing else comes close, and that likely won’t change even with the balance update if it goes through.
jellyfish flesh is far from difficult to find if you’re anything but a heat magic mage.

I’d be much more worried about wasting the scales lol.

you could double the amount of scales you get if you let your fish rot

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