What's the name of the protagonist of AA?

I’m pretty sure their name might end in “-us” since a lot of Greek names end like that, and AA is deeply rooted in Greek Mythology.

The Peacekeeper


ehhhhh not really. like yes it s technically based in it greek mythos being real but the lore and character depictions don’t really seem to support this. it’s essentially name tagging characters with perceived similar abilities



any name works

and Juniper lol

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among-us :flushed:

i mean
chaos is in it and is kinda like how it is in greek mythology… (according to my one source of greekmythology.com or whatever)
im still gonna use uranus to make cool-ass weapon ideas tho

“Peacekeeper” is more of a title. The peacekeepers name is whatever your username is. It was kept vague for rp reasons.

Their name is simply unknown. They are referred to as ‘‘The Peacekeeper’’. Maybe they didn’t even have a name, or did not remember theirs to begin with.

Canonically, their name is unknown.

They earn the title “The Peacekeeper” from their deeds, but their real name is left ambiguous because it’s supposed to be…you.

If you’re going by the webcomic (which is non-canon), you can call them juniper ig lol.

the peacekeeper doesnt have a name because they forgot it
they were just a pile of ash and forgot everything from their past life


the AA protag is like the hero of an rpg
you can call them anything

I’d say it’s inspired by greek mythology, but I wouldn’t say it’s rooted in it. As for the players name, it’s kept vague because the protagonist is the player. The peace keeper doesn’t have a specific name, just like they don’t have a specific first magic, or a specific hair color, shirt type, boat type etc etc.

I wouldn’t say inspired either, more like awkwardly borrowed without their premission

They have no name.

They only have a title. The Peacekeeper.

Sure, but again the character depictions are super loose


Who’s Candice?

the way you say technically is sayin’ that greek mythology is “sort of” implied in the game is like saying that its not actually greek mythology but feels like it is or “kind of” is

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i didnt know mythology was trademarked