What's the point of rule 22 anymore?

At first it was thought to be so that if forumers were accessing the site from school computers or smth they wouldn’t get in trouble for having bad words on the screen or smth, now that the contents of topics are previewed, what’s really the point of still having this rule exist?

Did a lil digging and found that meta said that’s its also to “keep a fair impression on topic titles to visitors on the forum”, I mean I guess I understand but if the title is clean yet it previews the body of the topic and it has vulgar language does it really even matter that much?

Maybe they just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Dunno I feel like they would’ve done something by now if they wanted to in the first place, but I feel like no one noticed or they want to keep the rule for some reason.

Ah wait I just saw that it was for the school not to see the link itself have profanity, that’s a more valid reason but eh

bro I’m on a school chromebook, don’t get this site blocked for me


just for a better outward appearance

at first glance

I use school computer. Hopefully this site still won’t be blocked for me.

or this

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We can’t just go from rule 21 to 23!

when rule 34 (jk)

That’s an exception, we skip that one


we dont talk about that here

WE NEED R34! (Body seems unclear?)