What's the reason for no indestructible floors?

Was it so we would “be aware of our surroundings” or something? Because if so that’s pretty bullshit. I can’t be aware of anything when I’m at 13 fps (cough cough Shut down the servers please)

I don’t find them a problem but when bosses get suck there its annoying since im just tryna have a fun fight

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i literally lost half my healthbar against calvus because i was stuck under a carpet

Thats hilarious

And I really can’t stress it enough. Nobody gives a FUCK about diving spots until we can have actually playable frames during boss fights (and a disable shadows option?? Why does looking around annihilate your fps???)

Cant you just use a fps unlocker if you have a ass pc

or are those banned

Would you rather he actually work on the game in general?

Or would you rather he just do fixes and optimization for another 4 months?

being able to disable debris particles would immediately boost this game’s performance tenfold

my computer explodes everytime calvus grabs me

no they’re not banned, but they don’t necessarily prevent low fps. they just make it possible to get higher fps. I already use an fps unlocker and could get upwards of 100 in deepwoken easily

second one


yeah this is fucking stupid, dying because the ground got destroyed literally shouldnt be a factor in fighting

Nah I find destruction fun

it would be fine if it worked better, the boss arenas should only regenerate if a boss respawns and if the little floating pieces of terrain weren’t a thing.