Whats the reason why so magic is different WoM?

I don’t know how wizards can now be born with magic that were know previously to be mutations. But I do know I want a reason for this. Someone please bless me with some ideas for an answer?
Also, I wonder how mastery and Awakened magics were developed. In AA there was the first person to create a magic mutation, but I wonder how the first person turned their base magic into master and then awakened magic. I think some wizard tried to replicate curse magic without a curse and accidentally made awakened magic. Or maybe someone was trying to make shapes with their base magic and invented mastery magic. Someone give me some ideas to think on.

Magic has advanced over time, assumably

Maker magic is just technically greater control over normal magic

with “awakened”, you are probably just a glorified magic energy battery at that point
“as the user’s body is one with their magic in this tier”

assumably, mutating magics is highly unreliable/crazy hard to pull off anyways

Mastered/Awakened magics evolved because a random man learned how to do it and passed his quirk of awakening to future generations