Whats the top value seasonals?

I want to know whats the top value seasonals,Headless might be the #1 but what about the others?

Headless is the most valuable obviously
Shoulder crow, good colored omen masks and pumpkins are probably somewhere near the top
with the candy corn beanie probably being at the bottom

I dont remember all the seasonals ok

In any case the value is probably more dependant on the community demand (how cool they look) and the amount of the items (items gotten from quests are more abundant than items from fishing)

Again about the supply part,
I consider chests to be the rarest because there were alot of other items bundled into their loot pools at the time
Fishing second rarest as many players didnt find it fun and also the loot pools
Quest items the most common because upon doing any quest you were guaranteed to get an item

What the guy said above is based off of nothing and just random guesses…no offense

They all have kind of similar value and their value just varies from person to person, there isn’t any real consensus that one is more valuable than the other. However, in my experience, I noticed and witnessed a somewhat slightly higher demand for hallowed I’s, hallowed II’s, and mini cauldrons. I also noticed a somewhat decrease in demand for pumpkin feodoras, and that one hat idk the name.

Do not take this as fact at all since as I said their values vary highly for player to player.

Color doesn’t matter you can dye seasonals.

Yes, true.

All seasonals are of about equal value except headlesses (those are WAY more valuable)

value of halloween seasonals depends on what the person you’re trading with thinks looks best

Thanks for all the replys ill think about this

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