What's the worth a sunken sword?

Currently how much is worth the sunken sword?

Like do i can trade for one just with a Vastira and a Oathkeeper?

Uh usually people dont really trade a sunken sword for anything else than other sunken items or a headless (which is clearly not worth it on the long run)

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i thought that too at first but since melee weapons are getting revamped and sunken sword might get more unique skills, then it might be worth stocking up

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Unless the new tier comes around, value goes down to 0

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my bad for not knowing, but what do you mean by new tier?

Currently we got the sunken iron set which lasts from level 50 to 100 (unless the planned final level cap increases idk), then theres a new tier
It’s like amulets, there’s poor ones, dulls ones and so on

oh i see, yeah thatll definitely decide things.
then ima just hope that vetex implements that one guy’s idea of extending the level limit of items :weary:

sadly i doubt it since he probably doesn’t want people to stick with one set of top tier items throughout the whole game

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they wouldnt exactly be toptier if theyre eventually outclassed by all the other items that can go 100 more levels

that’s what i’m saying smh that’s why there’s a cap on their levels

and thats why i want that level extension idea, so that useful but lower level weapons can still be put to use

no sell for 3 crowns call it a day (honestly yeah i agree tho level caps on weapons that are an assfuck pain to get is kinda stupid)




Not really much, there are some people willing to take many boss items with enchants they want for their sunken sword, but other than that they would most likely do what Wapingkoo said.

This is very rare though. And doesn’t reflect the actual value.

Sunken swords are the most valuable sunken item and depending on the enchant either the 2nd or the most valuable item in the game. Depending on what enchant sunken youre looking for you would have to offer different things.
(For efficiency: ss= sunken sword)

Hard ss is the least valuable and so is worth about 6-8 boss weapons or about 4 good enchant boss weapons

Swift ss is the middle enchant (valuewise, its the best for pvp rn) and therefor about equal to a clean ss. For these you really cant offer boss drops unless you stack a whole load of them in a trade. So you will need to offer sunkens or a headless head

Strong ss is the most valuable item in the game rn (when better things get added it wont be but as of the current market [which again will change in the future] its the most valuable). This thing will cost you a fortune. You will need a good amount of sunkens or a few good enchant sunkens to get it. Or 1-2 headless heads depending on the trader.

These values only apply when youre trading with experienced/rich traders tho. A noob with a strong ss might for example accept your oathkeeper + vastira offer (this is best done in-game)

P.S: the reason why i added the thing about the current market in the strong ss paragraph is cuz some people will start a whole discussion about which is more valuable: a headless or strong ss.

Edit: Ffs i did it again, sorry for this text wall lol. Hopefully it helps you out

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