What's with the pressure magic?

Might be nitpicking since I like pressure and am using it for my own character, but what’s with the dark grey and purple air they talk about in the magic ideas trello? Is it just to make it look special? If so why not use something more plausible? Sorry if anyone got in a bad mood cause of this, but I’m genuinely interested.

It’s probably just a color scheme.

Every magic needs a color, and it has to be different from other magics that look similar so…

Also I guess it’s because gravity magic might be some sort of purple and wind magic is light grey, so the combinaison of the two is grey and purple

It is literally the child of wind ( white, or grey idk ) and gravity ( probably purple based on the mutation chart )
What else would it have ? ( i mean i can kind of imagine blue but purple still feel the best as it remiscent gravity )

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