Whats yalls favorite magic

wardens using the dance taunt in battle (they deal the highest DPS in the game)

:ash_magic: :ash_magic: :ash_magic:

pretty graphics and i’ve wanted it since the first time arsen beat me to oblivion

ah, the lag machine

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Explosion and sand feel fairly equal to me.
I really like how they look especially in combination with the Ravenna armor sets and color schemes.

I’m terrified

I’m still terrified

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wha?? (complete sentence)

Gunpowder barrel magic best starter magic

Not only can it kill people on Redwake who are trying to shoot jaw pirates, it can also insta Iris

shadow magic that shit is fire

the first reply in 4months. what the fuck

i’m mad annoyed at constantly having to tell people what my favourite magic is, i wish there was a feature on this site where i could just “display” it or something



Reason: op stats

lightning, but specifically yellow lightning. also sand.

I just checked the balance doc and they buffed lightning damage. my life is complete I have no other goals


Fire because I use that on my main file and have made zero other files

Also fun fact I’ve tried out every build in game with just one file



Nature is metal

:fire: mhm


because minerals are natural

Yes Hank they are minerals