Whats your favorite cereal

this idea came to me while eating cheerios, out of a box.

those like
chocolate pillow things

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cinnamon toast crunch is the only way to go

i dont eat cereal

you are a disgrace

i hope you die


im just gonna screenshot the actual convo so that doesn’t get taken out of context, plus shes a minor if she loved adults that’d just be weird :thinking:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch stays winning

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im going to find you
go to you
and shoot you in the chest with a DB
this is your warning julie
never say bread is cereal again.

bread is cereal wym

im going to deepfry your face

wtf did you just say?

Uganda Sick Hiney Damn The Bullfrog

Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and those Rice Krispies ones.

I haven’t eaten cereals since like at least 5 years and even then they barely kept me from starving for an hour
…but anyway, from the very limited amount of brands I tried, lucky charms were good

I don’t like cereal so I just have yogurt most of the time for breakfast. It’s mainly due to how soggy they turn so fast and I just really don’t like soggy foods