What's your favorite kind of weather?

Super off topic, but I was looking at my home screen and saw the ambient rain of the night and remembered how much I like rainy/stormy weather. Both because it’s soothing (or interesting to watch in the case of storms), and gave me an excuse not to go outside when I was younger. So what’s your favorite type?

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Love storms when im inside, i like it dark and cloudy when im outside
i also love it when theres rainbows after a shower, and i love pretty sunsets/sunrises so those are usually the only times i like when theres no storms

Omg, pink sunsets are some of my favorite things (also pink sunrises too)


i dont know if this counts but i LOVEEEE snowy weather

Green and sunny because it reminds me of hanging out with my friend.

Stormy or winter to sleep

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Sunsets and rain just loud enough so I can hear the drops hitting the roof are what I like

thunderstorms are cool too

I love the short interval just after rain around late spring, or in early summer.
When the green gets so vibrant even the grass looks majestic, really makes any place with trees or any plants look like heaven.

series of rain after a week of scorching sunlight is the best
other than that, i love when it snows (shoveling excluded)

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snowing or cold
I hate any weather that is hot.
Mainly cause I grew up in the equator.
even when it’s raining it’s hot as fuck here

Today I woke up to see blue sky and the palm trees moving a little from the wind outside my window while a sort of summertime instrumental plays in my head and it makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. I guess that’s my favorite weather.

Snow is good.

raining is cool
but when theres a bunch of snow, and the sun just came up, making you cold, while also being beamed in the face with the sun
best feeling
you gotta be quick though, because all the snow melts pretty fast

this… this is perfect.

Cloudy skies and cold air blowing threw…

Your homescreen is BALLER dude holy cow I love it!

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i prefer cloudy weather, as when its more clear, you’re more apt to see people post images like this

and then you have to go through the whole deal of discrediting them

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Sunny if I have to go outside, snowy or rainy most of the time.
Definitely not rainy during winter, it ruins the snow

I don’t have weather. I just have hot.

I want weather

Cloudy/ kind of chilly. Idk why but it’s really relaxing