What's your favorite non roblox game?

Mine is easily ori and the will of the wisps. Hollow knight being a close second. You just can’t rival such a masterpiece

terraria… uh… minecraft… cs:go… uuuuuuuuuh

wait i know

the best game of all time

it has earth-shattering, world ending power. it’s power has no bounds

Club Penguin

I said game. Not one of god’s creations

ah yes, sorry my bad

terraria, it has creativity, difficulty or no difficulty on your choice, many character builds, and a ton of challenges if you choose to take them. it also has tons of mod expansions and it’s great to play with friends or just in multiplayer servers

it’s basically minecraft but 2d and has way more rpg elements

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Doom Eternal/2016, is a fucking mastapiece, you cannot beat it.
oh yea and Hollow Knight and OneShot follow closely behind it.
but other than that its fucking

oh yea 2016 is only 6 bucks rn, better go get it

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Among us, legit this game is so fucking fun with the right people.

Actually, maybe Minecraft but I haven’t hopped on it for a bit.

minecraft n gta online

ik very generic

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Besiege and people playground are some of my favourites which are great if you have a creative mind.

I heard of people playground before. It’s pretty good

It’s like mutilate a doll 2 but the mechanics are better. The rag dolls aren’t as modifiable though.

I see. So another one of those games that let you calm down by using virtual genocide to give you an esctatic sense of reliefAlucardanddcasull

i’ve just been playing nothing but terraria for four weeks straight someone help me



well, maybe Among Us, Cookie Run and the FNaF franchise

also wanting to try out Terraria, Overwatch and TF2, can I have reviews?

Terraria is a great game. You can do quite a lot of things with the vanilla version from the general gameplay to maybe art. Through mods you can turn it into a bigger and funner game that essentially turns it into a bullet hell and adds more story.

That sounds rocks I will play it anytime soon

this is the only review you need for tf2
play now