Whats your favorite stat

what is your favorite stat? like magic size, power, defense

Magic Casting Speed even though it’s mostly useless

tbh a tie from magic size, agility, and casting speed.

magic size cause the earth projectiles on that file are decently big (can’t compare if it’s little mesh size change from another earth user that ain’t using 144 magic size. but aoe is definitely noticable)

agility cause i am speed

and casting speed with my main light file and i turn into a machine gun and with the new casting and end lag i await to see what it’s like

Casting speed, I can just spam multi barrage and somehow still stay alive

casting speed ys

Agility is really fun, but I have no chance to survive with a full agility set. Any gold user can kill me with a blast or two.

Agility and possibly magic size

you like to go all speed I see I respect that

Destruction. Not my go-to stat to stack now but will probably be in my end game build. I want to be a harbinger of destruction, so, makes sense anyways.

For me it’s a tie between agility, casting speed, magic speed and defense.

Power, i like dealing high numbers
Magic size, giant ball of water go brr

casting speed because i want a gatling

im stuck between defense, power and destruction

Magic Power

Casting speed, magic size, and power.

Casting speed feels good to use, Magic size scares weaker players and looks cool, and pure power is pure power.

Casting speed and power.
My dream is to one day become an A-10 Warthog.

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