What's your guys opinions on wom official tournaments?

i just wanna know what your guys opinion on official tournaments are for wom, cause i think aa had some

they’re a fun way for the community to gather up, fight and talk

I don’t reaaally care about them since I don’t do pvp, but I guess it’s just fun for others.
…And they might lead to drama if anyone “spams” a spell, aka using it more than once in the fight despite only having 4 available, or if they have a meta magic, or if they use meta weapons, or if there’s lag, or-

true, very true

I’m personally a fan of it, official rewards for being good at the game is cool.

Official rewards are cool and getting a title too but at what cost? getting ganked 24/7 but I’m fine with it

has there already been a tournament or are you guys just talking about tournaments in general?

there has been a tournament organised by vetex for testers

if its official wom tournament we need a big arena for that shiz. plus you have to be like lvl 500 to enter and there should be mini shiz. Think of it like the Sports festival in MHA. Like a bunch of mini games and events then the pvp

sounds fun, getting ideas Vetex?

i hope
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  • Server region dependant tournaments should be a thing. Having an NA server while being EU would be a big disadvantage
  • WoM needs major combat changes before making tournaments. The combat is slow and really boring, alongside a lame meta.
  • PvP rewards are fine
  • I’m pretty sure vetex did a sort of QNA and has said there will be qualifiers.

AS server :troll: