What's your user card backround, and profile header?

you know, those customizable profile things

What is your profile header?

just changed it because I forgot I put it as that, it’s luffy in bounceman form… bouncing

that quality is garbage actually… i might change it

Ok I like that it can move. The last one looked nice

Mine is just my 2 characters. Nothing outside the game



ok just see

Is there a way to preview and move it before applying as done?

I gave up trying to make a header

you have to adjust it yourself, and also trial and error. just using paint dot net or something might work

Yeah, I was afraid of that, thanks

basically a screenshot of my wind char with my name in WoM styled text

Card background is an old AA screenshot that I dug up from somewhere ancient. Profile header is a piece of art that I recently drew and that I’m using along with 2 doodles to try and get the artists role (still waiting for a response fingers crossed aaaahhhh)

my card background depicts an activity i perform at times
my profile header also depicts an activity i perform at times

My profile header was just my attempt at making an island in the AA build style, I made a post about it here making a mock MC report of it. Might improve on it sometime in the future or make more islands.

User Card:

Chill space whales. I use it for everything.


Kim Jong-Hyun of SHINee sitting on a pearl-aqua moon. There’s more behind it if you look up his name and pearl-aqua moon.

Both are doodles >_>
I wanted to make my card background into a painting, but that hasn’t happened yet lol.

This nice Minecraft screenshot

funny artillery and the gayest shit I’ve ever seen

My profile banner is from DeviantArt, while my user background is a scene from Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.