What's your WoM character's lore?

Just doing this for fun, and to see what other people come up with…

Note: please put the name of the character you’re describing the lore of lol


I have two characters, Adrista Grey and Aiza Galleon. I’ll start with the former first…

Adrista Grey (Lightning Magic - Purple Variety): Growing up in Ironport, she’s always liked fishing and the sea. Both of her parents were in the Magic Council, and were usually absent, so, alongside her older brother, she took it upon herself to take care of her younger siblings, quickly gaining a sense of responsibility and becoming almost motherly in nature. It had always been her aspiration to join the Magic Council, like her parents did, so she was often found training, both magically and physically. Then, one day, a particularly destructive and hostile dark wizard, Aiza Galleon, started a threat in another town, and by some cruel twist of fate, Adrista’s parents were killed. Though she mourned and began to realize that being in the Magic Council is dangerous, she still stood strong on the path to her goal, now with a stronger drive to protect anyone she can.


Here’s my story:

Zeck (An Ellsworth’s ancestral)

Zeck (An Ellsworth’s ancestral)

Zeck was tall, thin with a spiky black hair and a long black beard. He was also brave, quite curious and stubborn. He was born at the First sea, Savaria, where he spent a long part of his life and learnt how to control the earth magic. Everyday, he saw new pirates, clans and huge ships as caravels, ketchs or even frigates of powerful clans sometimes with a lot of new treasures and stuff that he never heard before,which is the why that, at the age of 25, he started his journey as a pirate, with his first magic weapon, a magic spear, which was a gift from Savaria and his family, and explored the seas with the goal of crossing all the seas and islands and bringing the freedom to the same seas and islands by defeating the corrupt Arcane Government. He fought against the Arcane Government, other pirates and clans, he met, as well, some of the best clans that were at the leadership such as Rising Phoenix, Phoenix Legion, Nexus Allegiance, Athenas and fought with some other such as Draconian Empire and The Northern Skull. In the meanwhile of his adventures and battles, he found a woman, Morgana, who he felt in love with. After some years together exploring and conquering the seas, they had the first child,Theodor , starting a lineage of strong pirates. Unfortunately his story ended when he got sick while sailing to the 7th sea and died before arriving there. Because of that, the son promised to himself that he would complete his goal, crossing and exploring all over the seas. This promise as been given from father to son, with the magic spear as well, over and over through this lineage of explorers.

P.S. At the Zeck’s grave was written: “There won’t exist the true and pure freedom with rules”. Which he used to say everyday when he woke up and at the last seconds of his life. Years had been passing by and the House Calding had been created by this and other lineages of brave and curious people with histories of exploration and unforgettable histories.

Peace Age

Peace Age
Here is where the current and new heir of this lineage and the “protagonist” of this lore was born, at Ironport, Magius. His father’s name was Dominic Calding.
Dominic had a long black hair and always with a big smile at his face. He was an earth magic user who worked at the docks and tried to bury his past and his promise when he lost a leg in a combat against trigno in the 5th sea and came back to the 7th sea, Ironport, where he had met his future wife named Flora Water.
Flora was a tropical water magic user, who was popular due to her long and silver hair which glew every night with her magic flowing through the hair. She worked as a tailor and had the hobby of taking care of a secret garden at the whispering forest where she used to plant their lunches and dinners or beautiful flowers, which were given to the customers, with her son’s help. Finally, the “protagonist” and the son of this couple was called Ellsworth Calding.

Ellsworth Calding was a happy and innocent child without knowing the answer for the big “question mark” of his father’s past, Dominic always tried to ignore or avoid that conversation, because he was afraid of losing his son in the same way that he lost his leg. At the age of 18, at his birthday day, Ellsworth saw his dad going to a temple that he never heard or saw before instead of going to home, and waited until his dad got out of the temple and went home. When he came in, he saw a huge chest in front of him and he opened, there was the Zeck’s magic spear and when he picked it, he started to sense a strange feeling flowing through his entire body, when he realised he learnt the wood magic and opened, in the same way, a secret door where was a lot of books of his history, as a Calding, and a lot of treasures. After that, he confronted his father and mother, because he found out that she knew it too, and ran away from his home and started to hunt bounties and practice his magic and physical abilities.

After 7 years, he heard a rumor that Ironport was completely destroyed and went back home to check if his parents were ok, because they were still family, and when he arrived he didn’t see them anywhere. Scary and afraid of the worst could happen, he went to the temple and the secret place at the whispering forest, when he arrived at the forest, he a man with a letter next to his favourite plant, the birch tree, where he used to jump and play with. The only thing written at the letter was “Magic Council”, at first he didn’t understand what that was supposed to meant, but then, that man introduced himself as Erik Salore. Erik Salore seemed not to be lying and quite friendly for a stranger, then, he explained what really happen, he found out that the Magic Council were hunting his parents and their treasure, and after that, Erik invited Ellsworth to his guild, The Northern Skull, in exchange, Ellsworth ask him for some magic bombs. He started to planning how to get inside in each camp while started to look after potencial guys for the guild. A whole week has passed and he was already arriving to the last camp to plant the final bomb, and it started raining. When he was checking how many people were there, he saw a guy at the jail,Sebastian Marble, one of the potencial guys he was looking for and saved him before destroying the camp. After arriving at a safety and secret camp at the forest, Ellsworth convinced Sebastian to join the guild.
Now, Ellsworth’s goal is to get as stronger as possible to help himself and his guild as much as help his new friends while exploring the whole Magius continente and everything else, to keep the promise of his lineage.

(to be continued)

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My charcters toilet broke from the magic council fighting a villain and now I hate them and wish to spit on them.


Nico Salore - Moonlight Magic

Born in a high house of the Visterians, he had to behave as such, from a young age he excelled in mathematics but he did not like them

  • I can’t dedicate myself to this all my life!

Almost always said the young boy, he adored the night he felt lighter and more agile in it, he used to wake up only to appreciate the calm and relaxing light of the moon that was beautiful and did not blind him and hurt him like the light emitted by him. Sun

At the young age of 12 he discovered his gift with Moonlight Magic, which led him to study it, treasure it and spend a great deal of his life, especially at night, until he arrived at what is today a great magician’s apprentice who helps those who need it, who intends to extend the family name Salore even more, but not as a symbol of economic stability and merchants Visterian, but also as the name that took care of and polished that gentle night magician

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Pete - Shadow Magic

Pete is a normal person who trained to get his magic and got Shadow but he hated it but didn’t care afterwards since he has it stuck to him now so he mastered to Darkness Magic then to Death Magic later on the years went by instantly.

Then he went out and killed multiple people who were bad but was framed for murder by the Magic Council afterwards he become the most wanted person to the Magic Council. Pete hid away and hided his identity by destroying his birth papers and other things to keep him hidden within the dark.

No one can ever find him then he became one of the unknowns by becoming the 12th by being the weakest later in 10 years. After that the Curse user John Thorne came out and found Pete and demanded a fight. Then Thorne killed Pete in a close battle where John Thorne almost died but was luckily enough that one Magic Council Guard followed him and he was a young boy who had a gift when he was born and had the Healing Magic Curse who was hiding his true powers and was known to be weak to the other Guards.

The bounty on Pete is now gone he is confirmed dead.
The End :slight_smile:

edgy story

Born from the Gods themselves, Tao Graves is the coolest guy that even lived. Period

maple barion, good rep, ice magic, surprisingly vulgar, loves to dress up and pull pranks on bandits that get them arrested in the end


Sean Rose is the best crystal user in World of Magic. It is his destiny to be the best and stay the best. If you want to see for yourself that Sean Rose is the best Crystal user, you have to join him in game

Ares Barion was born via creation of a new WoM file


Asteria Lamina, an orphan from a rich and powerful Vistarian family, whose mother abandoned her after she framed her father for murder, and got him executed. She now trains to becaome strong enough to take down her family and the MAgic COuncil that helped thm, destroying any in her path.

Well, here’s the backstory of my character, the Fire Magic Apprentice Wizard, Aritz Booth (Also featuring a now deleted character I used to have, Amelia Auburn, who plays an important role in Aritz’s story)

Aritz Booth was born into a fishing and courier part of the Booth family, and he lived in Ironport from birth, all the way to where he is now. His parents encouraged him, their only child, to follow their traditions, and be either a fishmonger, or a courier. Even at the incredibly young age of 9 years old, he felt that being a fishmonger was his calling. Before he even got to his career, however, there was already a significant person in his life - Amelia Auburn, a very strong, but very sweet young woman, that was first his lifelong friend, and later became the woman he fell in love with. As children, they would always play together when Amelia’s parents visited Ironport for trade and other reasons. As time went on, their friendship grew, and both of them had become fond of one another, and it was almost certain one would confess sooner or later. However… Things took a different turn… Aritz was 21, the exact age he is now, when a life-changing event happened. He was just minding his his own business, fishing off the coast of the forest next to Ironport, when he was ambushed by the Rising Mists Bandits, and their storm of smoke arrows. He stood no chance, and the bandits had almost killed him, before it happened. As he began to raise his head, to say his last words, he unlocked his first mind, of fire magic. Power coursed through him, as he charged his magic energy, cauterizing his wounds. Once he had ended the bleeding, he stood up, still heavily injured, and he threw a fireball, scaring the bandits off. He still was bound to die, if he didn’t call for help. Which he did, and luckily for him, Amelia was there… But as he passed out, He watched her get ambushed, and that was the last he ever saw of her. All he knew afterwards was that an unknown wizard had taken him home, and that Amelia was kidnapped by the bandits. Aritz had finally lost it upon hearing of her fate, and he set out on his conquest, to become an incredibly powerful wizard, just so he could scare those bandits into setting his friend free. As of now, he’s gaining power at an exponential rate, just like a lot of other young wizards have been, turning every bandit camp he finds into ashes, both as a message, and out of vengeance.

Ellsworth Shield, a character who was originally planned to join the MC and strive to the top, but was brutally murdered by a file overwrite.

Rest In Peperronies, you will be missed.

Kenton Galleon:
Currently a sand magic user, but lore wise he’s a burgeoning magnekinetic, going to go sand, lightning, iron probably. Born a paraplegic and taught from birth that he would never have any martial ability, Kenton put on a family heirlooms armor (a la iron man style with magic) and learned how to move it to simulate martial ability. Now he functions as a kind of magic explorer and researcher, attempting to learn the hidden secrets and artifacts related to the introduction of magic in the world.

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This is Mai.

She’s a reincarnation of Lee Xiu-Mei, who NON-CANONICALLY existed in the Arcane Webtoon as a rival to Juniper. Mei has no definitive surname (Keihatsu isn’t yet a culture), but goes under the guise of Mai Banks for access to Vistarian weaponry. Though considered a villain, this Ash user isn’t that threatening and prefers to be alone. Typically quite lethargic, there exists a prevalent part of her that loves covering cities in Ash and witnessing people suffocate to their own confusion. Her story has yet to be written, as her journey is one still in the making.


time to sum this up as badly as possible

Tracy Stone and Ben Lamina are basically half siblings with family issues bc their mother is a karen

plus their aa ancestor is a lass who went apeshit by the corrupted weapon, and decided to sell her fucking soul to a demon (can be interpreted as both figuratively and literally)

now due to several family circumstances, Tracy Stone ended up as a plasma magic user who’s basically a demon under cutesy appearance, while Ben Lamina is an air-headed fire user

This is Dot Water.
She goes where the wind takes her. Sometimes she finds something cool, other times she finds things that are better off never being found…

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Correta Barion
Brought upon this world by immediately picking paper when all magics where added, then mashing next and going with whatever the game gives you, resulting in her chaotic looks.
Now is a villain and passionate fisherman going around and looking for trouble, mainly for those goodie two shoes RKers that she enjoys punishing for using a 5 hit self explosion.

Lyn Salore - Grew up and lives in Ironport. As a Salore he was raised as a merchant from a very young age. He values the residents of Ironport as his loyal customers, and spends his time lurking in the Salore Tavern, waiting to deal with threats before the the Magic Council arrives.