When ao releases what themed builds will you be making

My first slot will be dedicated to the first joestar
Jonathan joestar:
Hamon) The Reworked Jonathan 'JoJo' Joestar Experience | Fandom
Build: Savant
Either Yellow Lightning infused Salior fist or karate.

so strength/magic/vitality?

isn’t hamon sunlight tho

isn’t light magic way more accurate than yellow lightning :fr:


yall making anime builds ???

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explosion → storm

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hell yes i am

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yes you would be right but hamon literally looks more light lightning than just light lmao

Making a build of this guy right here

Probably a full mage with the edgyest of the edge magics

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how will you do that

Mainly just ship customization and reputation, I’ll try my best to see how to do it but ill try to do like shadow and acid

I don’t even know how to answer this, like in the last post about jojo (arm of the meteor) or answer as a non-forum user

It’s not specifically themed, but it is inspired by Sanji from One Piece.

Warlock Build: Crane Style + Purple Lightning magic with magic limb leg variant spells in the future

only planning on having a few on one of my alts

File One: Utsuho Reuiji
Build: Conjurer
Magic/ Weapons: Solar Magic, Flare Magic, Arcanium Musket (hand cannons if they have any)
Rep: Neutral

File 2: LowTierGod

Build: Warlock
Magic/ Fighting style: Lightning (Blue Variant), Impact Fist
Rep: Villain

File 3: The Knight (Hollow Knight) no do not ask me how i plan on making this

Build: Knight
Weapons: Rapier, idk about spirit weapons
Rep: Good

File 4: Bill Gates
Build: Mage
Magic: Glass Magic, Metal Magic (Gold Variant), Balance Magic


bro this is when the game comes out there arent gonna be any lost magics or ancients in the game :fr:

That’s why I am making it on an alt tbh, don’t plan on completing it untill the magics come out

Eh. All my Builds are based of of OC’s of mine.

kamen rider double
magic: wind
i have no fucking idea how this guy fought again

(body is unclear)

(Grand navy build)