When are dark towns/citys gonna be added

im sick of going to silent tower and surrendering over and over just to get neutral rep so i can enchant

Fishing update will supposedly have travelling traders for both reputations, so evil players can find them on the road to do their enchanting/buying.

It’ll be harder than it is for good reps, but evil reps have other advantages.

It only says they “always sell somewhat random items”, no mention of them enchanting, forging, etc.

They have mentioned dark guilds/bandit guilds/pirate guilds in the bad rep npc dialogues, so maybe we’ll see temporary bad rep bases later

bruh we need them now not later

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Or you can just temporarily become a good rep and not have to worry about it :slight_smile:

thats just bothersome

“there will be multiple different types”

yes but will they be able to enchant/upgrade gear?

that’s what most people seem to be taking from that statement

they are just merchants tho, if they did that would be weird

There would be no Towns/Cities filled entirely with evil people. That kind of thing just doesn’t work with how evil people tend to be willing to murder each other and not obey laws.

How would the town even be constructed without the builders getting into a power struggle and killing eachother?

Not to mention that the MC would be bombarding the structure with their most powerful explosion magic users.

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well if you think about it more deeply, it wouldn’t be a town or city. more like a black market or a crime syndicate. BUT there would be somewhere with some shady ppl or maybe even 1 person that is basically the evil equivalent of summerhold or ironport or something. it doesnt have to be a big city

The life of a growing villain is a lonely one. They may have henchmen which is kind of a guild/cult.

magic council raids really do be like that sometimes.