When are they adding binding for weapons other than magic?

Its just a silly little question lol


What do you mean by binding for weapons?

maybe he meant blinding ?

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If you mean magic effects being on weapons for conjurers, there is going to be weapon auras for weapon builds and warlord is getting fighting style auras

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Warlords will be able to bing fighting styles to weapons after their first awakening. As for knights, they will probably be able to infuse spirit weapons into their weapons somehow, but that’s just speculation.

As conjurers, you will be able to imbue a chosen magic onto your weapon. this allows the weapon skills to be affected by your magic, such as light imbuement making it faster and blinds.

as warlord, you will be able to do the same but with fighting styles. this would also imbue the stats of the fighting style and the effects of them onto the weapon.

as vitality skills have not been decided yet, we dont know whether they will have things that can imbue onto weapons, so we will have to wait and see.

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The title says, “…other than magic?”

im explaining how imbuement works

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