When did I gets this?

so i’m making a merciful shadow paladin, and I’m at redwake, i decided to stay there for a bit before progressing, and while I was buying a brush to paint my ship, i noticed this

I was surprised as I never knew i had it on me. again it was a surprise for sure, but a welcomed one.

Also I had thought about making a doodle thread like JTN, Ruby, etc. but I’m not sure as I’m not that good at drawing, but want. What do you all think?

yeah, a lot of people just don’t notice getting a PA
probably because it was in a gold or silver chest and it was one of the first items so the notification gets removed right away

you have to practice to get good at art, so go for it if you want to improve


The gods has blessed you

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Full send we need more doodle threads :pray:

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Maybe uh, don’t be like Ruby, yeah? At least, in terms of out-of-forum activities.

Also, sure! Doodle threads are a nice way to show artistic progress.

happens to me alot