When...do you guys Think AO Will be Finished?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the Foruks. I said I returned, but I stopped being active again. I just looked at some of my notifications, and one of them brought me to a post that was almost a year ago. Oh, how time has passed. :frpensive:

I remember when Vetex first teased the TGR on the long term road map in Trello, and we were all trying to figure out what it meant, and then eventually found out it meant the “total game revamp.” Remember when we were discussing and suggesting that airships should be in AO? But Vetex said what he had was better, and gave us boats. We were hyped about islands. Where’d all the time go? I’m thinking about the one of the first few updates that didn’t take 3+ weeks to complete, rain and lightning. Remember when we got that short clip of rain? The weapon showcase video from Polar and dOg was over 5 months ago.

I got a bit off topic, sorry. Remember when we were talking about TGR being complete in JANUARY (2021)? March, April May, June, July (2021)? Remember when we joked about TGR being complete in 2022? :frcryin:

So, I have come here to ask, when do you guys think AO will be finished? I’m thinking early 2022 (January-April).

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second quarter of the next year (May-August 2022)

No :frcryin:

you can continually touch grass during that grace period

I hope you don’t think I’m actually like that

I agree with the current official estimate –


Either December or like January/February

never lol

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perhaps in January or mid-2022 during the summer.

When I stop having “special” meetings with your mother

It will by november

Oh what type of meetings? Is this like a business meeting or maybe like a netting with friends or coworkers? I’m actually not really experiences with meetings since I haven’t been in one but I have seen them on television so I think I have a good grasp on them :nod:


oh damn man i love wasting my time on the foruks

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somewhere in 2022

my prediction has gone from december 2021 to at the earliest march 2022

Ah yes, the Foruks

Instead of asking about TGR you should wait. We don’t even have a solid idea of when the revamp is out, we’ve only made a widespread guess.

AO will prob finish like 2025
Depends how much updates there are