When do you think we will get the second awakening?

When do you think (real life time) we will get the second awakening update?

If so, what sea? And what level?

I have been waiting for it. Savant kind of suck.

within 3 years IRL


End of Nimbus, Vet confirmed.

After that future seas will focus on lost and ancient stuff

maybe mid-late 2025 when nimbus is almost finished but that’s probably very generous

Within 5 business days.

(Likely level ~250-350)

When and where did he confirm that

About level 200, I’d say.

It’s very likely that the level cap will increase by 125 by the end of each seas story (125 at Bronze, 250 at Nimbus, 375 at Vimir, etc.) and 2nd awakening is confirmed to be around level 250.

Yeah thats mid 2025 sounds about right like a year from now, depends how fast clan building gets done if vetex releases by end of july then i can see him actuallh completing road map. If like 3 months or more than yeah were looking at a year from now.