When is the level cap gonna be raised

Staying at level 125 is getting boring

the game just released early access, it’ll probably be a while

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I can see there being an increase in update 2 or maybe even update 1, hes mentioned that there’re a couple more island he wants to add to segue into the next sea so if those islands have quests and storyline then there’ll definitely be a level cap increase

Is the next sea still gonna be in the war seas or the dark seas?

the dark seas are inhabitable, it’ll be in the war seas


Dude its been less then a week tf you on


most of us lvl 125 already :sweat_smile:

Probably not in while. The game literally released less than a week ago.

In the meantime, take this time to grind I guess. Is your ship fully upgraded with the best parts you want? If not, go grind those sealed chests. Do you have the best gear? Get that sorted. Or you can grind old bosses to get their drops. There’s plenty of stuff you can be doing even at max level.

I still find it fun at max (even more fun even, since I can do everything without dying to high level stuff all the time)

Been having a blast sailing around and defeating pirate ships for sealed chests, uncovering island secrets, fighting bosses, all that

This is depends on the person. For example, I want to kill Architect Merlot, but I’m not able to defeat him because he’s way higher lvl and I can’t cheese him in any way because of using fighting style and nobody to help me - making the gameplay feel limited.

I kinda wish there were more stronger enemies (more then just level 130) to fight that weren’t mini bosses, but then again they’d just be damage/health buffed versions of current randomized ones so eh

(Although eventually they could use lost spells/techniques and have their second awakening if their around 250 so)

Yeah I can see why people would like more content, everyone enjoys things at a diff pace

I just want a stat reset instead of the level cap pushed up, but that aside there are weapons that require more stats than physically possible right now so I say it will can pushed up sooner than you think

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