When The skill tree update comes after TGR, what tree you going to pick?

Ima pick strength and become a weapons only user

idk, imma wait until the update actually drops so i know what i want to go


i feel like i can make alternate files for physical and magic

I’m going to alternate files, but I’d go either full magic or hybrid for all-around combat.

2 Files for both fully magic and the other one for fully strength

i pick birch

very good tree


i have no clue wtf the skill tree is but magic because why not

Depends on how these are done.

sorry bro, birch is a D tier build

i pick the conifer because it’s meta :sunglasses:

I am a tree

metamancer smh

skill tree?

if we could pick multiple that’d be interesting.

Intelligence and magic damage

Magic on most of my files except my 3rd. (Weapons only file.)

magic size because kaabom

Ice - Physical because ice is fucking doo-doo by itself
Explosion - Magical because I want to ruin entire crew’s days by nuking their ships

i pick dababy tree cause idk what the trees are gonna be

1 file will be weapons, and the other two magic

Magic, obviously
Or maybe 2/3 - 3/4 magic and the other 1 is weapon ?

ew cringe metamancer