When will Knocking Fist and Karate be Released?

I want to make a Lightning-Knocking build for my main file, but I’m worried I’m gonna have to wait like 5 years.

i like your optimism

Vetex better add repulsion fist :pray:

I agree with vetex i want every fs to feel unique not just reskins with more or less aoe, atk spd and power

@Dudeman this is ur moment don’t screw this up buddy!


Because vetex is totally known for his creative fighting style concepts

Thermo fist.

Are you fucking kidding me?

the ideas are too basic??? bro what? the concepts fit right in with the other COMMON fighting styles which makes sense cause karate and knocking fist ARE ALSO common fighting styles

let’s go through the concepts of other common fighting styles to see how compare, here’s karate/knocking fist first:

  • karate - you can grab people better (not really pressed about losing this one tbh)
  • knocking fist - you punch people in the funny bone and make them go numb

and here’s the ones we have already

  • basic combat - don’t need to explain, is as advertised
  • boxing - faster punching, better knockback, more blocking power. also you get gloves, wow!
  • cannon fist - you throw balls
  • iron leg - instead of punching, you KICK! also you have metal on your legs
  • sailor style - kid friendly drunken fist but instead of alcohol it’s magic seawater
  • thermo fist - punching with a gimmick that speeds you up and burns enemies

again, this is based on the CONCEPTS of the fighting styles, not how they work in-game. and yes I was reductive and frivolous with how I described them but you cannot tell me that karate and knocking fist are more basic than some of the other common fighting styles we have now

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i saw a message of vetex saying he’d add a new fs this update if he had enough time he didn’t say exactly like this but he was telling someone the stuff coming and he said maybe a new fs and something else i forgor

That’s what I’m saying!

We need a Chipp Zanuff ninja style FS that makes you really fast but weak to damage. Perfect replacement for knocking fist.

I think Karate should be turned into a Martial Arts/dancing hybrid like whatever nonsense Bruce Lee does in those movies combined with breakdancing. Now it’s even more unique to replace karate. It would be funny if the attack names were just “HWATAAA”, “HEEYAH”, “YATATATATATA”, and stuff like that. Although people might think it’s racist.

Man Vetex needs to hire me I’m so cool.

I’m sorry—does that say “not planning on adding more” more what? Fighting styles?? WHY? We need at least some new ones for the Nimbus sea like what. At least two more, and then the addition of lost fighting styles I feel like…but NO more new common ones? That’s so dumb

he has a point though

Okay, he has a point for karate however it still contradicts boxing and basic as those two are literally the definition of basic. Karate is more complex then those. Also we only have 6 fighting styles compared to the 20 magics. This also means that berserker has barely any, if not no options with having 3 fighting styles with 3rd awakening. Why I say no options is because there’s no synergies and so you basically just choose the best stats. Maybe knocking could synergize with sailor, or karate with boxing because of them being based on real fs. Or even just having more options with the synergy.

almost no one cares about chopping karate (pun intended)
but like knocking fist bro?? im actually gonna riot