When will liquid magics on weapons actually leave puddles and wind magic on weapons knock people back?

Wind boxing has no increase in knock back and wind imbued weapons have zero knockback. When will this be fixed?

If there’s time, hopefully on the Nimbus Sea update, otherwise it’d probably be this year.

(source: 1.15 AO Balancing Document)

I really hope a lot of the proposed changes in the balance doc getting added (change the block key to f damnit)

Does it say anything about wind conjurer though?

Yeah, it’s getting buffed

I’m scared
Why is lightning dealing that much damage
meta mages…

kid named magic spell on F:

neat! water puddles still don’t do anything DX

Y’all act like we can’t just make it a different key :sob:

no way im using G for leap

There’s other keys bruh