When would you use guns in a pvp situation?

I’m just curious because i’m using a bronze musket and idk when to actually use it.

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The easiest way of using it is after someone misses an attack or when they are charging one up. Guns are very fast and have very little endlag. Since they are hard to aim using them for a quick punish makes the most sense.

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Well, when some dudes on their ship doing nothing it’s free 100 dmg, coming from a mage.

in sniper showdowns whereas neither party is allowed to use any weapon/fighting style/magic and their only available weapon is a (dual)flintlock/musket

why do you need to know WHEN to use it? Just use the gun whenever you think you won’t miss.

Use a musket as you would use something like a shot skill or a piercing gale from the staff weapon

don’t do that, a musket is an instant shot. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing, meaning if you miss, that’s it. Staff, which people say is worse musket(it’s not), even if your mouse is slightly off target, the staff can still hit if the player moves in a certain way. With musket, as long as that cursor isn’t red or they aren’t on the ground getting hit by the AOE, it’s just a waste of a bullet.

Also staff is more cost effective, if you can’t afford a musket use a staff.

staff is a musket with training wheels

no, staff and musket are literally equal

one is more rewarding with better aim and one is less punishing but in return not an instant attack(basically a glorified blast spell)


both have a grab skill

both have a projectile thingy

only thing staff has over musket is m1s but musket also has a second shot

musket is just harder to land, but it’s definitely worth it.

staff is easier to use though so like

haha it’s for musket users in training lol

staff is equal to musket if not better idk what your saying

idk man i like musket more :man_shrugging: preference ig

Staff is a close to mid range weapon, musket is a mid to long range weapon. For example u would much rather use a staff then a musket if the enemy is right next to you. But if the enemy is far away its better with musket.

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