When you geek on one piece in the WOM forums


…What was the point of this topic

The beauty of one piece
The delight of devil fruits









pardon me but what is this topic even


i don’t think i understand, is this your first time seeing an one piece fan?

I’m not a one piece fan

I’m The one piece fan

Sorry wrong language

I’m Morden A one piece fan


im uhh
…that’s great…

oh you did just fucking not


i too enjoy the anime series
what was it called again
“singular section”
there we go

kung fu-

I mean one piece is good and all, and it definitely kept me busy reading for a week or two
but it isn’t that good

frankly speaking theres so many other hidden gems in the manga/anime world that most just get swept under the rug,
even found a really damn good manga earlier today named “Rojica to Rakkasei”,
really fucking good one but you’ll never find anyone mention it

even the more popular good shit like made in abyss/attack on titan/tanya the evil still pale in popularity compared to the funny haha luffy man and the super duper funny goku,

thats cool and all but what is the point of this


thats cool and all but you dont need to geek out so hard that you make it so obnoxious to literally everyone on the forum

Hard, give me another thing