Where are the missing Source Magic Curses?

On the 7 Source Magics, we know about 4 Curses, Lightning and Earth were stolen by Durza, Averill has Light, and Rupin has Fire, but were are the Shadow, Wind and Water Curses ?

We don’t know

Water curse doesn’t exist and instead there’s a tide curse. Rupin and durza were both killed so their curses zoomed out and flew away somewhere but we don’t know otherwise

yeah but what I mean is that for Shadow and Wind we NEVER heard about them

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I drank the tide curse guys I’m really sorry I was thirsty aight :fr: :yawning_face:

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they were either taken by someone we dont know of yet or are still hidden somewhere

Shadow Curse user in AO ?

could be tbh, we havent got any powerful shadow user so far

at least in AA we have that Lord of Wind dude and Kraken, whom i assumed are… were probably at curse user level in term of power

it’s been a few days since durza died so mega doubt

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a month is pretty long time tho

or maybe they got flung into the Dark Sea somewhere and wont ever be found :skull:

A month isn’t that long considering he took most of humanity with him

right i forgot about that :skull:

kind of wondering how much of the world population did the 7 Seas had now

I still want to know if the shatter curse exists and if so does it count as an elemental curse

It’s a mutation so yes

Hell nah they were super powerful but NO WHERE NEAR Curse level

Graves dealing 900 damage with a q: (trigno does 800)

That’s gameplay not lore

They’re not even in the lore

you’re gameplay >:(

Fighting him in AR is like fighting an npc