Where are we supposed to post recruitment?

The “Clans” forum channel is missing from the Vetex’s Games Discord server, and we’re not allowed to recruit here, so where are we supposed to go?

check the news channel on discord, there’s an official clan hub server and I assume you can recruit there

You need to have a superior clan with at least 30 members to use that recruitment channel

Is superior 50k infamy?

150k infamy grahhahah

WTH, that much?!?!?


only clan hub atm :upside_down_face:
once infamy changes happen, we might lower the requirement. were brainstorming ideas

To advertise tour guild to get more members you need 30 members and 150k infamy.
Basically if you want more members you have to already have enough members

You should really lower them before the infamy revamp