Where do i find all the lore journals?

ive only found one and that is the journal in Akursius keep, i heard there is a Neviro journal and a journal from some random deceased Ravenna warrior, where do i find them all?

neviro is at where you fight revon, general zaix’s is at blasted rock

there’s also morden’s at wind row

can you specify where wind row?
also i havent explored the new area so idk what the blasted rock is, is it a name the community uses? or is it a real in-game area?

it’s where you were camping at wind row, and blasted rock is the official name of the new island

You find Morden’s journal at Windrow.
You find Neviro’s journal at Ravenna, where you fight Revon.
You find Zaix’s journal at blasted rock, near his corpse.
You Captain Rackham’s journal at Akursis Keep.

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