Where do people get their drinking water from

Because I know that in today’s world filtering ocean water is expensive, so back in the 1850s couldn’t be any better

Also the issue with freshwater sources, because I KNOW that Ravenna isn’t living off that pond in the shining plains

and all of dry ass Samaria isn’t living off those three whole ponds

Are people just rawdogging oceanwater?

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I think they have people who can conjure up water in this universe but idk

i mean magic water will disappear after a bit canonically, its not real water just magic energy posing as water (i love drinking magic water then minutes later just getting desaturated of water)

its not like water stays in ur body forever normally

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Ok but actually islands aren’t canonically the same size as they are ingame so there is probably another plausible source there but I can think of maybe some explanation for like 2 islands maybe

Frostmill - The iceberg (and ice is readily available to everyone in the region so that could be it?)

Sky islands - They use the clouds to power ships so it’s plausible they can harvest it for other means?

Misc- idk maybe they use rainwater who knows

everyone can drink ocean water, the MC and caria are just seawater-intolerant

yeah but drinking magic water 24/7 means you have to drink water every minute (bad)

Have you not seen the aqueduct in ravenna?


That parasite infested mountain water aint nobody drink that :sob:

just boil it

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Doesnt icebergs usually store freshwater? What if they exported melted ice?

Oh, rivers, ponds are also freshwater. They probably get them from those.

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The Aqueducts in question:

Ravenna has NO problem with water, they have two springs feeding their aqueduct. So it’s easily explainable why they have enough water to sate 12k peoples thirst. Sameria can melt ice for extra water, but they have a large flood plains that has plenty of sources of fresh water.

Also! Don’t forget that there is rain in the war seas. I know its easy to forget because weathers been broken for god knows how long, but it’s pretty easy to set up rain barrels.

So really, only Sameria has any struggle to get water. Cirius too (Especially since they are above the cloud line, but if you make juice out of sky fruits you could reasonably get your daily water intake from that…)

EVERYONE drinks that. Ravenna is literally just a roman town, they get their water exactly like the romans did

you could probably also distill ocean water if you really need to

amarut also has a well

Do yall even see rain happening anymore? It’s just fog from my experience

Nah, weathers been broke since dark sea update. Don’t see natural waves, rain, tornadoes or blizzards unless its within the first hour or two of a servers lifespan. It very quickly breaks down.

ngl im not even water im an insanity 10 potion that looks like water


Sameria has at least like 2 wells from what i remember, and a whole ass river so considering they are mainly based off of ancient Egypt they probably just get their water from that and their wells

Ravenna also has a system of flowing water, as from where they get it, idk. It’s also pretty probable that they use wells we just don’t see them ingame, OR get it from frostmill imports

Speaking of frostmill, it basically IS the freshwater so need need to ever worry about that

Both palo and shell have active waterfalls and (albeit somewhat small) rivers and ponds, so i doubt they would really have to worry about that

Sailor’s lodge likely gets all their drinks strictly from imports, as ships and merchants probably come and go frequently

Cirrus, as mentioned by others probably just gets their water from cloud precipitation

only one that has me perplexed is redwake, is what i WOULD say, but we straight up see them store shit in cold rooms, implying they have ice


ravenna does have a lake in shining plains-