Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

College ig? I have no idea how long it lasts for, probably depends on what stream I choose.

6ft underground hopefully

probably the same one as i do now, people in my country dont really buy a new house and move out that often unless they’re decently rich ( im not )

i dread kids ( i do not have the emotion capacity to take care of them ), tho with social expectation i can very faintly seeing myself having one

itd be a suprise if AO is still functional 10 years later… actually no i can see that, would probbaly take a long while for all the stuffs Vetex wants to add is finished ig

i see myself breathing air

I see myself assasinating PvP’ers irl

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living in overly sanitized home traumatized by idksterling

I see myself fighting all rb1 alts

still waiting for dmc 6