Where have you set up 'your home base'

I’m a boring person. I hang out on Ironport’s East Pier when I’m not busy somewhere else.

eh i don’t blame you

damn, we might go for the grasslands

yep, already claimed the ruins (jk) actually claimed the ruins

we actually claimed the hidden tavern a long time ago.

lol okay then

oh no no no, its mine.

har har lol where is this gonna go

My home is on the topo of a random tree.

statue in the grasslands

summer hold is a pretty chill spot, that’s my main home because i buy and sell stuff there, i have contibuted to the castlian economy very much

but i wander around a lot adventuring and doing random stuff

Usually the mines near summerhold and sometimes Ironport’s tavern. I also sometimes go to my house in Riverville

Bro hit the most devious necro

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it’s a secret

Palo town

silverhold prison docks

top of the mayor’s house in riverville + the fountain if i wanna fling myself

Honestly same, climbing up there to spite the magic council is hilarious

Charon. :fr: (joke, like your house got burned lol)
Well, honestly, house with library in Ironport, not the Mayor’s one, there is 2 houses with library in Ironport.