Where is the anti-run in pvp system?

seriously wasnt there a anti-running when pvp? i swear it said smt with leaving footstepts and dashing not being as effective, yet it feels like nothing changed

Yeah, vetex dropped like half of the stuff on the doc, sorry if you were expecting an actual fight from the person your hunting

Some stuff didn’t get added this update

dude this guy has been running and hidding the entire time, bad vision and playing on graph 1 doesnt help, why vetex :sob:

from what i saw, the anti-run system isnt in the 1.13 document

graphics 1 bounty hunting? oh nah bruh you might as well ask for a 1v1

I play on g1 at all times and I gave up on bounty hunting, if they run I’m not gonna catch them

my laptop already dies on graph 1, imagine on higher graph

I can’t wait till he drops the other half

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