Where is the epicenter located?

vetex talked about how the epicentre spawns

but i forgot the nature of how it spawns.

does anyone have a screenshot of what he said?

dont have a picture but it spawns randomly somewhere in the far reaches at one of the four cardinal directions when a server is created and remains unchanged throughout that server’s life

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thank you very mach

man i did all 4 cardinal directions from the centre of the bronze sea and couldnt find it. granted i did have a person help me do 1 of those directions

im not exactly sure which layer does it spawn, i know just know that its in the far reaches

mind if i change the title so more people are likely to answer you? ( the title is kinda vague )

ok u can change it. it spawns in insanity 4. midway between 4 and 5. but im unsure whether it actually spawns a cardinal direction from the center of the map or if it spawns at any angle from the centre

If you got a max clearsight potion and stood on the stepstones/ mount oryths, could you possibly see it?

i imagine it would be out of render distance

dont think so, probably way above the render distance

the epicenter is described to be massive after all, constantly loading it would probably cause a bunch of lag

the furthest you can look with clearsight is maybe the i1 range

you can definitely see into i2, but I’m not sure about farther ranges

Is this…confirmed? I heard that it just spawns in the middle of 4th range

up your nose and around the corner

What I’m tryna figure out rn. I sailed into the dark sea at all 4 cardinal directions from the centre and I couldn’t find it.

It’s very possible I just missed it cause a bunch of islands and random walls were causing me to deviate from a straight and centered path.

Vetex said it spawns in any direction from the centre, which is a bit vague because that could mean it spawns at any degree from the centre.

The wiki says spawns in any one of 4 cardinal directions.

it spawns in either N,E,S,W or NE,NW and SE,SW
judging from experiences i’ve heard

i have confirmed this to not be the case

it either
A. spawns any angle/direction away from the centre of the sea cluster
B. it spawns in a cardinal direction but it can include NE,NW,SE,SW or more

so basically

we’re fucked

57 km in any direction any fixed point or stud within that radius but always on that 57 km line. Thank me later

i got a new, very long and maybe inefficient strategy but its better than nothing.

Starting east from the centre of the map, i sail into the dark sea.

When i hit insanity 4, i stop and begin a timer to see how long it takes to reach insanity 5

once i hit insanity 5 i stop the timer and sail back into 4 using half the time taken to get to 5 from 4, this way i end up in the middle

I sail north or south but the idea is i circle the around the bronze sea while staying mid way between 4-5 to find the epicentre

im gonna use a shitton of clearstones for this

and probably galleons for repairs