Where would we be rn if vetex never had the idea to revamp the game?

What level would we be at, would we have second minds and losts etc

Simple. We would have magic sensing. Fighting styles. We would have the desert, horses. Hovering. Modes. Possibly get to see new alalea have more bosses. And he’d add region capturing.

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rip to all the wizard cowboys that could’ve been

Wasn’t magic sensing planned to be added around the time the max level was close to 50 or was the level requirement to use it just around that level?

Horses were scrapped before TGR

guess cowboys where getting scrapped no matter what

we’re all cowboys at heart pardner :cowboy_hat_face:


Would’ve been around 2-3 updates so we would have either the marshes or part of the desert, maybe the canopian area, we would have Ultimate Art, modes, and hovering, magic sensing. Chapter 1 of the story

We would probably have:

  • Second magic
  • Chapter 1 of the story
  • Two map expansions (unsure where, maybe the canopian area)
  • Ultimate art
  • Level cap 110.

Can’t see him fitting in lost spells yet if the game was never revamped.

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