Which armor build should i stick with?

i have wind magic
dont want too much defense because of the armor piercing thing
here are my builds that i wanna pick between cause i cant decide which one to stick with and actually get the items for
Im completely fine with 100 speed btw so you could also suggest a build that tones down on the speed and has higher agility ig


Sunken Builds

Can you pls post screenshots of the gear builder builds so I can see it in the topic? Thx.
All the builds are really similar.
What is wind’s speed multiplier? If its low then its good to have some speed, maybe consider going for a little attack size too.
I would go for the sunken number one as it has the most agility. Hope that helps!

wind’s speed multiplayer is at a level where it only need 110 speed or so to be good
its 1.4x btw

OH WOW I DID NOT KNOW IT WAS THAT HIGH. That’s almost as fast as lightning! Me being a lightning and water mage, i know a lot about attack speed. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So do you think the sunken number 1 is good? It has good agility.

yeah sunken 1 is cracked

Nice! I hope you go with it! Glad my suggestion helped!

Here me out

I will hear you out bro :fire:

can you handle 2 insanity? rip your eyes lol. Also is the extra insanity worth it for 11 more points of agility?

2 Insanity is basically nothing
insanity 1 is even worse than insanity 2

insanity 2 works at best for min-maxed builds