Which boss is easier to defeat in your opinion?

  • The Minotaur
  • The Exiled

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My vote is on the Minotaur, none of his moves involve ranged attacks minus the axe throw, which is fairly easy to dodge. and totally not because i beat minotaur first try while the exiled took me three tries


Minotaur by far. His axe throw can be a pain in the ass but he’s more predictable than the exiled.

not to mention hes a bigger target

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For me it’s the Minotaur because he seems slower and is a bigger target so I can use multiple small blasts regularly to deal the big damage, while for the exiled I use big blast to land sure hits between his iframes.

Lmao 23 votes and all of them are minotaur

minotaur. a lot more fair if you’re careful. the minotaur will punish you if you don’t pay attention…

meanwhile of the exiled fights ive observed its mostly raging storm and shield spam

the exiled is so broken it has WAY too many invincibility frames with attacks, the minotaur literally only has one

  • minotaur: 3000hp, no defensive gimmicks, larger hitbox, slow but heavy damage, moves can be easily dodged but are punishing, only two attacks where iframes are utilised

  • exiled: 1500hp, takes half as much damage, small hitbox, attacks faster with moves that can stack up in damage if you aren’t quick enough, raging storm, iframes are utilised quite a bit

definitely minotaur

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minotaur is just more fair. a high skilled player (minotaur) vs a person who utilizes cheats- (exiled) imo

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Had to keep respawning while fighting the Exiled. His moves are really hard to avoid.

But what about the REAL bosses who is stronger

  • Fishman
  • Arena boss

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I think fishman though Arena boss comes in a very VERY close second

minotaur has bigger a hurtbox and easier to dodge attacks

tbh they’re both pretty hard
but I speak from experience knowing that Mino is so much more fun to fight.

if you fight the minotaur you can just get on top of a cliff and then projectile spam it

obviously sans from undertale is the easiest



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Exiled is easier by far tbh-
He’s super easy to hit because he just stands there half the time, while the Minotaur actually moves during the fight
Also you can charge a 20 blast spell and drain Exiled’s health to almost nothing before the fight even begjns, while Minotaur just? Doesn’t take damage when you’re far away?? Idk, weird bug, but just another reason Exiled is ten times easier