Which build is better?

Build 1

Build 2

  • Build 1
  • Build 2
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what’s ur stats

stat check build :money_mouth_face:

By the way I’m planning to use the winning build as a Warden

bros using 1k def on warden :sob:

Build 1’s better, what’s the point of going even more drawback on Warden when Warden will have innate drawback? atleast the 1k+ defense should increase your regen to possibly out-heal the drawback damage, i assume the 72 attack size is just a cherry on top, because that much attack size isn’t that noticeable in itself.

no agility :yawning_face: ?

I have never invested into agility in my life

do it and you’ll never be able to live without it again ( no no im not addicted to agility wdym )


As a person with a 200+ agility Build on one of my files, can confirm that agility is busted in certain situations.

I will use it on warrior